Japan Libra Association

Adoption, education, development

is Facebook's cryptocurrency

Goals of the Association

The clear-cut path of the association:

  • Link to Libra: offer deep insights into Libra to Japanese institutions

  • Broaden the network: with Japanese payment and blockchain providers

  • Regulations: educate policy makers and regulators in Japan

  • Education: teach the public about Libra usage

  • Development: organise the Japanese developer network and build together

  • Validation: one more step towards "permissionless". JIBRA will run nodes.

Upcoming Events and Informative Material


Japanese Regulations

About Us

The independent association was jointly founded in June 2019 with the announcement of Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra. Japan is very forward thinking and embraces cryptocurrencies as no other country in the world. Japan's long and sometimes difficult crypto history demands strict regulations and Japan now offers a high standards of checks and balances to protect crypto users.

We think that Libra needs to be included in this regulatory framework to further the adoption in Japan.

The members of JIBRA are also active in research and development and can thus collect the expertise that exists in the East to maintain a good and fruitful relationship with Libra development in the West.


Technical Know-How Industry Experience Legal Expertise
  • Blockchain researchers with PhDs from Oxford University, KIT, and NII in Tokyo
  • Authors of multiple blockchain DAPPs
  • Exchange security: Tech for Japanese-licensed exchange and Singaporean non-custodial exchange
  • Judge for hacklibra.io
  • Multilingual senior executive with twenty years of professional experience
  • Co-founded and completed IPO on European and US stock exchange with Internet startup
  • INSEAD/Wharton MBA and graduate of University of Washington
  • Early crypto investor, featured conference speaker
  • German qualified lawyer and PhD candidate specializing in alternative finance and crypto assets
  • Spent large parts of his legal career with leading law firms and institutions in Germany, China and Singapore
  • Oxford Fintech Programme 2017/2018

Association Members

Revealed soon...